How To Find The Model Number of your Heater

Nomenclature Label

Every heater manufactured by DESAŽ, regardless of brand, has a model number. It is necessary for you to locate the model number in order to get the correct part for your specific heater. Here's how to find it.

This label gives you, the technician much needed information such as:

  •  model number
  •  serial number
  • btu rating
  • fuel tank capacity
  • pump pressure
  • volts
  • amps
  • and other important information that is needed to properly repair you heater.
  • Warning labels

Note: heaters with PLASTIC!!! handle will have the model embedded "somewhere" in the plastic- not necessarily in the handle..



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PLASTIC!!! If your heater has PLASTIC handles look for the number stamped into the plastic portion of the heater.