Do you own a heater? People who are owners of Reddy and Master Heaters need to be aware that the manufacturer of these heaters filed bankruptcy on December 29, 2008. These heaters are the best of their type....worldwide. There have been many short-lived copy cats. We hope for the comeback of the original Reddy Heater!  
  How does this affect you? Simply put- the supply of repair parts is getting scarce.....industrywide.


  ReddyParts.com is a privately owned company, with no connections with the manufacturer.  Desa International was our vendor for Reddy Heater parts.


  Does ReddyParts.com have parts available? Yes, at this time we have a good supply of most of the regularly offered parts in-stock.


  The future of parts availability is unknown at this time. Therefore, as the supply runs out we will put a notice on the specific part "out of stock- do not order". We will not hold backorders, as they may never be available again. If we run out while orders are pending, we will notify the purchasers via email.  
  There is no warranty expressed or implied on these parts, since the manufacturer is no longer in business to back up their product warranty. All sales are final.