Don't Guess!

DESA used 2 ignitors on many different models. If the reference chart sent you to this page it is because you have one of the hybrid models.

Before you order, remove your ignitor, compare to the image below, and order accordingly. The choices are simple- either blocky and "L" shaped or long, slender and shaped like a cigarette.

Again, don't guess. There are no exchanges, if you guess wrong!

Maybe this will clear up the confusion.

R55A, R55B, R55BT, R55BTH, R55C, R55CT,1R70DT, R70ET, R70D, RH100VT, R110C, R110B, R110BT, R115, R115C, R115CT, R115DT, R115T, RM115, RH125T, RH125AT, RHD125T, RL125T, RE125T, RH140VT, R155B, R155C, R155D, RM155, R165A, R165AT, R165CT, RH170T, RH170AT, RHD170T, RE170T, RL170T, RL170AT, RE170AT, PKHD170T, and others.

The following document is from the DESA manual:


The bottom line is:
  • If the nozzle adapter bracket has a square ignitor hole then use ignitor HA1000 ( PP200 new number)
  • If the nozzle adapter bracket has a round ignitor hole then use ignitor HA1100 ( PP201 new number)
PP201 PP200
Pull the ignitor and look at it. Compare your ignitor to these photos.

Don't guess.

If you guess and order the wrong ignitor you have thrown your money away because there are no returns on these sensitive electronics.